Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for having a system installed?

To have a system installed, fill out the form on the Contact Us page, or give us a call to set up an appointment. We will come asses your needs, and provide you with a proposal. We will then set up a day to come install your system. 

Who will do my proposal?

Co-Owner Frank Drabek will personally asses your needs, design a customized system, and draw up a proposal for you. 

Who will install and maintain my system?

Co-Owners Frank Drabek and Robbie Masters personally install and maintain every system.

What does it mean to have my system monitored?

Monitoring an alarm system means that we are watching for a notification from your system that indicates any changes including but not limited to:

Communication Loss

Alarm Trigger

Low Batteries

If I chose to monitor, what happens when the alarm goes off?

In the event of an alarm trigger, our monitoring company will call and verify the validity of the trigger. You will be asked for (a previously set up) password, and the alarm will be turned off while the proper authorities are alerted for you. 

If I chose NOT to monitor, what happens when the alarm goes off?

If your system is not monitored, the alarm will sound until manually turned off, and no one will call you or send rescue to your home on your behalf.

How much does a security system cost?

While we do have a package system, it is rarely  covers ALL of what our client needs. We will proved a customized system fit for your home or business instead of setting you up with a "cookie cutter" system.